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Meet your fellow Derps! Get to know them and all the amazing content they create.

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Our resident music producer, artist, tech support, audio engineer, and general all around fun derp! He brings to life Grjorn Smashstone, a loveable Bard-arian from the island of Nevigua bi-weekly in the @ddndshow Follow @gregolasdesigns
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The mastermind behind @ddndshow homebrew campaign, Journey in Azlos, @dndwme is also a masterful DM. Check out the latest tricks and tips about how to be a better D&D'er by following his links via @dndwme
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As a new player @waawaatesiplays brings a unique perspective and outlook to the games. As our resident indigenous liaison she also adds some real world culture to the @ddndshow. Playing a hermit druid who is exploring the world for the first time, she is open to new experiences. Follow @waawaatesiplays
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@tywilsoncrits brings to life Borok Grim-sky, the stoic leader of the @ddndshow he struggles to balance his culture and modernization in Azlos. Constantly 'sighing in cowboy' as the group he's surrounded by tests his patience. IRL he's also an extremely talented singer/songwriter and musician! Follow @tywilsoncrits
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